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Thank you so much for clicking the donation button!!
I really appreciate it, so a huge thank you!!

If you missed one font –or all of them– you can get all released fonts to date through a small donation.

This little gesture will help me to keep creating fonts so I can finish the project, let’s say by buying food to keep me alive or paying some bills (damn power!). If you’re generous enough, let’s say something in the thousands, I’ll get a new computer and will send you a printed picture of my fat cat as a thank you.

Whatever you decide, once the donation is made you’ll receive a good old zip file containing all of the fonts released so far:

No.01 — STF Helenick
No.02 — STF Minera
No.03 — STF Artique
No.04 — STF Charkley
No.05 — STF Waicena Sans + Serif
No.06 — STF Sweller Sharp + Round
No.07 — STF Cassidy
No.08 — STF Wadlow
No.09 — STF Broq
No.10 — STF Julita
No.11 — STF Yunque
No.12 — STF Cassidy Sans
No.13 — STF Muriatic
No.14 — STF Fragmenta
No.15 — STF Eggleston Mono
No.16 — Soon
No.17 — Soon
No.18 — Soon
No.19 — Soon
No.20 — Soon
No.21 — Soon
No.22 — Soon

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You'll get all the 22/22 fonts released up to date in .otf format for desktop use and .woff + .woff2 for web use.

STF Helenick
May 20
STF Minera
May 30
STF Artique
June 10
STF Charkley
June 20
STF Waicena Sans + Serif
June 30
STF Sweller Sharp + Round
July 10
STF Cassidy
July 20
STF Wadlow
July 30
STF Broq
Aug 10
STF Julita
Aug 20
STF Yunque
Aug 30
STF Cassidy Sans
Sep 10
STF Muriatic
Nov 10
STF Fragmenta
Jun 8
STF Eggleston Mono
Jun 30
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Support 22/22

8 ratings
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